Recommended Reading: Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by: Jessica Hamilton


Every now and then I like to recommend books and audio books I found helpful in my transition.  I recently listened to Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by Jessica Hamilton (on Audible) and loved it.  It’s a great overview of being transgender and gives valuable insight for those who need an introduction to this world.  If your transgender, you know how many times you need to educate and inform people of this entire lifestyle and choice.  This is a great resource to have ready for those “interview” questions from friends, family and co-workers. I also loved the theory of the Mirroring Effect, I know in my 20’s I tried my best to mirror masculine behavior, but fell short due to my unconscious feminine identity.  Looking into the psychological, social, and biological to create a theory based on the all of their influences helps pull together all aspects and attributes of transgender and transgender development.  The Mirror Effect is a new theory and some people in our community will find it controversal and stiffling.  All in all this is still defiantly a theory worth looking into.

Here is a link to her book and audio book on Amazon

Transgender: The Transgender Mirror Effect by: Jessica Hamilton


Happy Reading Darlings

💋 Camille