Falling For Camille: By Christine Miller




When I first was developing this site, I reached out for help from a very talented writer named Christine Miller.  I explained the concept of transformation and what I wanted to accomplish from this site.  A few days later she wrote this piece putting into words the title, thoughts, and idea behind Falling For Camille.

Here is her website:


Christine’s “Falling For Camille” Text Conversation: 10/15/2015

You made a point to me a few times of noting the grieving process. As I was walking through my neighborhood today, Im noticing the leaves letting go from the trees. It looks a bit like the tears of the tree as it stands a little more raw and naked in the world. And its the natural cycle in starting over. So, fall….a season that many recognize as a time of letting go and transition. And falling….an action that we often associate with falling in love. This might be a projection, but Im most curious about your process of falling in love with yourself. There is a surrender thats called in, and letting go of life as you know it. It feels like falling in love with whoever you are might be a very relevant message for anyone moving towards a transgender change….or any life change for that matter. And it could be an anchoring point of your own journey.

Falling for Camille

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